Etheric Protection Shield/Psychic Protection Shield


  1. Close your eyes.  Be aware of your basic chakra or the base of spine.
  2. Connect your tongue to your palate-on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth. Keep it there through out the entire breathing sequence.
  3. Do deep pranic breathing. Inhale slowly pushing out the abdomen for seven counts. Hold for one count . Exhale slowly for seven counts pulling in the abdomen for seven counts. Hold for one count. Continue doing pranic breathing while making the auric shield.
  4. Visualize or imagine a peach or light orange elliptical-shaped lamp in front of you.  Imagine you have become small and you are entering into this peach elliptical-shaped lamp. Imagine you are inside it.
  5. Internally see that you are completely surrounded (upper, middle, lower, front and back, top and bottom of the aura) by a luminous light orange transparent shield.  With conviction, feel that the etheric auric shield is very strong and unbreakable.
  6. Visualize or imagine the etheric auric shield as metallic light orange.
  7. Continue doing the pranic breathing for about nine times.
  8. Silently affirm, “I am shielded from all psychic attacks and contaminations.  I am shielded from harm and danger.  So be it. This shield will remain for duration of 12 hours.  So be it.  This shield is impregnable and unbreakable.  This shield is internally permeable.  So be it.
  9. You may also invoke for divine blessings from the Universal Supreme God/dess, your spiritual teacher and the higher beings:  To the Universal Supreme God/Goddess, to my spiritual teachers and to all the higher beings, thank you for shielding me from all psychic attacks and contamination, and from all harms and danger.  With thanks and in full faith.  So be it!


When you have a shield and somebody directs a negative thought to you, the thought is deflected and bounces back to the sender several times stronger.  As a result, the shield that protects you might harm other people also, including your loved one whom you have no intention of hurting.  Therefore, you must give your shield the ability to transmute.  Concentrate on your heart and crown chakras, then “paint” or project pinkish-golden light around the etheric auric shield, with the intention of transmuting all negative thoughts and energies that will be directed to you into calmness, understanding and peace.


from the book

Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office by Master Choa Kok Sui for more information visit


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  1. […] The world has reflected back to us just how chaotic and potent eclipse season can be with change, fear, confusion, and doubts. Indigo Children are sensitive to this cosmic and worldly chaos and may find that it is during these times that the warrior spirit within is awakened. When the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual order of the Indigo Child is strengthened the chaos of the outer world cannot penetrate their auric shield. […]

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